Noam Sagi – The Work

Relationship Counselling: Moving Beyond Abuse

“A” – 43, female, lawyer, London

Motivation to come

“A” had been abused as a child and as an adult she found herself again and again in abusive relationships. She used food to “medicate” her emotional pain, which created a cycle of further suffering and feelings of isolation. She came to Noam as she wanted to be able to move beyond this pattern of suffering.

The work

“A” needed to allow herself to deal with the underlying pain and experience the emotions she felt rather than block and deny them. Noam used bodywork to help shortcut some of the blocks her mind was using, which allowed her to reconnect with her sense of self. It was this connection to her sense of who she really was which allowed her to experience the emotions she had been squashing down for long.

When this happened she was able to see the destructive pattern that she had been repeating. This new perspective on her behavior, along with some techniques which she learned, helped “A” to stop running away from her emotions with food and from inflicting pain on herself by forming relationships with abusive partners.

The results

Three and a half years later A has developed new boundaries and started to date loving, single guys. She is following the 12 steps recovery plan to keep her food ‘clean’.

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