Noam Sagi – The Work

Couple Considering Separation: Where Has My Friend Gone?

T&M, 44, 42, investment banker and housewife, London

Motivation to come

T and M had been together for 15 years, but they found themselves resenting each other more and more, getting more emotionally distant and staying together mostly because of routine and because it made life admin easier. They had to decide if they were better off separating or whether they could find a new way of being together.

The work

T and M needed to learn how to communicate in a more healthy way if their relationship was to survive. Noam used several different approaches to help them speak with each other in a more honest, direct and satisfying way.

They learned to communicate their expectations and disappointments more clearly which reduced the negative feelings that they had had about each other. They felt closer to each other and started to regain trust in each other.

The results

T and M learned to accept each other at a deeper level and rekindled their friendship. They learned to communicate clearly and honestly so that any issues which come up can be dealt with. They learned to see the other person’s point of view and spend time doing things that make them both happy. The life they have together as a couple is now increasingly at the centre of their family life.

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