Noam Sagi – The Work

I Want to Become a Mother Before it´s Too Late

K – 38 female, executive, London

Motivation to come

K had wanted to have children for years, but relationship after relationship had ended unsuccessfully long before children were ever on the cards and she was approaching her 40th birthday afraid that she’d never get the chance to be a mother. She came to see Noam to help her break the cycle.

The work

To have a new type of relationship K needed to find a new way of approaching relationships, and to challenge her view of what sort of man she was looking for. Noam helped her to become aware of some of her self-defeating patterns and realise things about how she was approaching relationships which was making them unsuccessful. Using Positive Psychology and motivational work, he helped her be more positive and change what she was looking for, so that she would be able to find a different outcome to the recurring experiences of the past.

He also enabled her to face up to her fears in the safe, supportive context of their sessions rather than letting her fear sabotage things, as had happened before. By helping K to understand what she had been unconsciously  doing, Noam enabled her to be more open to finding a different way of relating and a different kind of partner.

The results

Two years later K is in a relationship with a partner she “never thought would be her type” and they are now expecting their first child together.

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